You Must Eat Brunch In Barcelona

Last month, I went to Barcelona Spain. This was my second trip to the coastal city and while I wasn’t blown away last time I visited….I must say I have a new appreciation for Barcelona now.

If I wasn’t living in Italy, Spain would definitely be the next choice on my list! Beautiful beaches, tapas, and sangria what else do you need?? I absolutely LOVE this country. I have been here a few times since living in Europe…..Bunol for the Tomato Fight, Valencia, Madrid…and I am trying to make my way south…..I mean I love it more and more with each visit, but Barcelona was the only city in Spain I was like… meh. I’m not sure why…….I felt like I was dying in a sea of tourists……I didn’t find good food options and other then viewing all of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces I felt I could have done without visiting this city.

BUT THIS TIME……Barcelona kinda grew on me. And maybe the city won me over with all the brunch options that I totally overlooked last time I visited.

First up, a friend told me to try this place called Milk Bar and Bistro, Our first morning we headed that way. We arrived and it was packed!!! I immediately got discouraged…the place is small and I didn’t feel like waiting and hour to eat. Luck was on our side……we slid right into a table as a small group was leaving! SCORE!!!

Brunch is served from 9am to 1630 daily. You can choose from Burgers, a variety of egg benedict, pancakes, sandwiches, bagels, and salads. This place is gluten and vegan friendly too! Add a mimosa to your meal if your feeling a little frisky!!

My friends tried the Crab Benedict and I had the Chorizo Hash. The food was absolutely amazing. The location is small, but I loved the decor. The wait staff was nice and polite, service was amazing, they got us in and out without making us feel rushed. Make this a go to spot, just get there early!!! Of the places we ate at this was my favorite.

The next day we made our way to Brunch and Cake, I found this spot on Trip Advisor and when I read the reviews I was a little hesitant because all of their food sounded really, really healthy. Not to say I don’t do healty, but I’m from the south……we fry EVERYTHING!!!! The pictures of the food looked amazing, but when you start mentioning things like “quinoa, beat root hummus, turkey organic hot dog and fresh fruit,” I start getting scared!! LMAO I mean…..I like healthy options, I mean….I like looking at them……but I really don’t order them!!! JUST SAYING!!!

Any who…we arrived and this place had people every where waiting for a table!!! I wasn’t as hangry this day so I was like lets wait to see what all the hype is about. We waited for about 40 minutes before our name was called for a table. We were seated with other people at a fairly large square-ish table, seemed like there were 2 smaller groups seated with us, the staff was trying to make the best of the space and were just seating people to fill in the space. I personally didn’t mind, but you are sitting at a table with strangers…this could be awkward for some. Wait staff was nice and quickly came over with menus and took our order.

In my non-healthy description I ordered…. Iberico ham, scrambled eggs on top of a thick slice of texas toast! It was delicious!! And so where my friend plates. I forgot to take a picture of the menu so I tried to google a copy (no luck) and it looks like this location changes the menu maybe with the season!! That’s pretty awesome too. This place is gluten and vegan friendly too!

I also noticed that none of the food is actually cooked in the “kitchen” besides the eggs. When you eat here you don’t really smell the aroma of bacon sizzling or something being fried, diced or steamed. If you pay close attention all the food seemed like it was prepared early that morning and it was just ready to be assembled on a pretty plate! Which is not a bad thing, it’s absolutely genius to me!! Get rid of all the oil (ok….maybe not ALL of it) and less work if you ask me.


OH WAIT… could I for get the cake….Brunch and Cake. They have a couple cakes of the day, try the Red Velvet if they have it! It was absolutely amazing!! And and if that didn’t fill you up try a smoothie! I didn’t have one but they come highly recommended.

Our final brunch spot was Firebug Bar and Bistro, I didn’t realize until we were sitting down looking at the menu that this Bistro is owned by the same company that owns Milk Bar and Bistro. There are a lot of similar items on the menu but some different ones as well. My friends and I tried all different dishes and they again didn’t disappoint!!

I have to admit food won me over with this trip to Barcelona!! I don’t know how long you will be in Barcelona when you visit but try one if not all of these! If you come across any others shoot me an email so I can go check it out!

I am not paid for any of my recommendations!!!


  1. Lupe Diaz

    Wow!! I’m Mexican, currently living in Madrid and find it really hard to cope with the mostly bland food but this looks amazing! Gracias!

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