6 Things to Do in Riga, Latvia

I had the opportunity to visit Riga……which is the capital and the largest city of Latvia. If your like me, you didn’t even know Latvia was a country, but after my visit I found that it is yet another beautiful European city, but it also has some of the friendliest people as well!! Here are 5 things you should do when visiting there:img_0185

For just a little city, there are so many food options here! They have everything from traditional Latvian food, to Thai, Indian, Steak House’s, Chinese…… and TGIFriday’s…American (DON”T DO IT!!!! You better not even think about it!! Please skip Friday’s).  Check out the Central Market, you can even opt to do a food tour there. There was a cute little Medieval German Restaurant tucked away underground that was called Rozengrals. I noticed a lot of burger joints around town, but the best one by far was a place called Street Fries Kitchen. I absolutely LOVE this place, we ate there twice. It’s small and cozy, not many seats, but if you have to wait you won’t be disappointed. I had a burger, it tasted so fresh and was cooked
perfectly! The pancakes are amazing (yes, like American pancakes)…….fluffy and crisp edges….OMG my mouth is drooling now! Just go eat here! WAIT…..and the nutella and banana crepe……………………..OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Booking a flight back NOW!img_0141 img_0142 img_0143 img_0144  img_0218 img_0220 img_0221 img_0216 img_0231 img_0232 img_0290 img_0291

Every where you go you have to try the local drink and Riga has and
interesting one. The original version is called Black Balsam and is considered to be a good cold remedy because the herbal liqueur is made with many different natural ingredients. You can drink it on the rocks, mixed…producing a variety of cocktails, with warm tea, coffee or even use it as an ice cream topping. There are also 2 other flavors you can try….Black Balsam Currant (my favorite) and Black Balsam Element.

See the Architecture  No explanation needed. Just Explore.

img_0125 img_0124 img_0128 img_0129 img_0148 img_0136 img_0134 img_0132 img_0150 img_0152 img_0160 img_0168

Spa Day
If you need somewhere to relax and digest all the food you ate go to one of
the many spas located in the city. They are relatively cheap…….and
every girl needs a spa day right????

Apparently, Riga is known for their beautiful beaches since they are
situated on the . Unfortunately, I went in October and it was a little too
chilly to get our and enjoy the sand. If you go during the summer be sure
to check them out!

Count the Cats

Look high and low because they are everywhere!!! Visit The Cat House and learn about the legend of the Cats.

img_0206 img_0214 img_0266 img_0270

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