Vino Hopping Birthday Bash

In previous years for my birthday I’ve celebrated doing a variety of things………in 2013 I was touring Europe, in 2014 I rented a cabin in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountians and last year I was throwing tomatoes in the world’s largest food fight in Spain.

This year I decided to celebrate at home in Italy by escorting 8 of my friends around to a few local wineries for tastings, a little food and some much needed fun!

Our winery tasting tour began promptly at 9:30 am, what better way to start your morning than with vino for breakfast, right?!?!?! Our first stop was to Ca’Bruzzo where we met Alan Bruzzo.


Located in the Veneto Province of northeastern Italy, Ca’Bruzzo is a beautiful 100% organic winery. Alan greeted us and quickly took us on a tour of his vineyard, explaining the history of the winery which was created in 1985 and how he single handily carries out all the aspects of his winemaking – from vine to bottle. We met Alan’s beautiful wife and dogs….he even allowed us to taste his grapes from the vine and they were absolutely delicious. If the winery itself isn’t enough to empress you, after the vineyard tour Alan brings you inside a rather large cave-like building, the wine cellar, which is absolutely amazing inside.

IMG_8377 IMG_8376 IMG_8374

This place is big enough to store wine barrels and have a party too!  If you’re looking to have a wedding or celebrate a special event, I would totally look into having it here! Once inside the wine cellar, Alan had an array of appetizers set out for us as we tasted his vino. The apps and wine all for only €15 per person plus there was plenty of food and wine to go around!! I absolutely loved this place and the organic wine. You better believe I left with a few bottles in tow and if I can find ANY reason to celebrate SOMETHING in his beautiful wine cellar…..I’ll be back!!! If you want to visit, just GO!!!! I made reservations via email in advance. Oh and just FYI Alan is American, so no language barrier!

IMG_8414 IMG_8412 IMG_8411 IMG_8408 IMG_8403 IMG_8400

Alan Bruzzo
Ca’ Bruzzo Organic Vineyards
0444 868055



Our second stop was to Magia di Barbarano, another winery located in the Colli Berici Hills and just a short 15 minute drive from Ca’Bruzzo. imageimageUpon arrival we were warmly greeted with an amazing table layout under the trees overlooking the hills. It was a perfect day and this just made it all better, especially not having to be cramped up in an indoor restaurant.


Giacomo introduced himself and immediately began pouring us vino and feeding us! It was amazing. I might need to marry this guy!! I mean what more do you need in life. We started with a little bread and olive oil, BUT WAIT……YA’LL this olive oil tho!!!!! All I have to say is you better go get you some! I think everyone bought a bottle to take home.  He explained what kind of grapes each wine came from and what it was best paired with (he may have told us more but I honestly wasn’t paying attention at this point…vino and food had taken over all my thoughts).

imageimageThen out came the cheeses AND ham AND salami…..this one ham/salami……I don’t even know what it was, all I know is it was good. I think I ate 75% of them!!!! Sad thing is, I didn’t even get the name of it!!! Ugh!! I guess that just means I have to go back. For lunch they served us homemade bigoli with duck sauce and even more wine! At this point I can’t, I just can’t tell you how many we different wines we tasted, you need to go figure it out for yourself. After lunch we were then served a variety of handmade desserts with a wonderful sweet vino. To this day I don’t even remember if we toured anything other than the bathroom but who cares……this place is AMAZING!!! Wine tasting, with approx 6 wines, I called ahead and made reservations for the lunch made of appetizers, homemade bigoli with duck sauce, different kind of cheeses, ham and salame, then handmade dessert all for 22€. They open at about 11.00 and close at 18.30.



Giacomo Bernardi
Tel: 340 0707307
Magia di Barbarano
Via San Martino 29
Barbarano Vicentino (VI)


Now on our third stop is where I had a little bit of vino memory loss…..DON’T JUDGE ME. We probably should have headed home at this point but I still had 1 winery scheduled and 2 more walk ins……… I didn’t think it was going to be like this. NOTED for next time 2 winery max!!!

Our third location was Piovene Porto Godi. Upon arrival we were asked to wait 15 minutes while she finished up with some clients. We happily complied and this was the scene as we waited…………

image imageimage

I only booked the tour with the wine tasting at 5€ per person, I think we had had enough food. If you would like to have cheeses and salamis it would be 10€ each and in this case they need to know in advance! They are open from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 2.00 to 5.00 pm. Ok………uuuummmmmmmm…….That’s all I remember!!! Oh wait, I do remember they had a great sweet vino! Otherwise, just go taste the wines for yourself! Needless to say the Birthday Bash was a huge success!!! Until next year……..#stayhomeforwhat?!?!

image image image image image image image

Società Agricola
Piovene Porto Godi Alessandro s.s.
Via Villa 14, Toara di Villaga (VI)
tel: 0444885142

  1. Oh my gosh, so fun!!! Any good wineries near Milan?? I love wine tasting and I’ll be there next.

    1. I haven’t looked for any near Milan (I’m sure you can find a few tho), but if you come a little further east there are lots near Verona!

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