12 Countries In 12 Months….DONE!! 24 Countries In 24 Months…..Let’s Go!!

In 2015, I started the year off by traveling to 3 countries all before the end of February. When I moved to Italy in May of 2015 my travel opportunities……..well lets just say, they grew considerably. If you remember last year I was researching Bucket List ideas and came across completing “12 Countries in 12 Months” and added it to my list. Why not, right?

By the end of 2015, I accomplished “12 Countries In 12 Months” ……..and I decided to continue the Bucket List idea by going for “24 Countries In 24 Months” in 2016!

Now I know you might be a little skeptical and might be questioning how I am checking off list! So let me explain my rules for checking a country off the list.

NOT A DRIVE BY. It doesn’t count if I am just driving through the a country. I have stayed multiple nights within all the counties except for 3 and those 3 countries are 3 of the smallest countries in the world and can be explored within a few hours. I explored these 3 tiny countries by day trips and spent more than 4 hours in each tiny country.

NO DOUBLE COUNTING. If the country was on the 2015 list, it cannot be counted again.

NO PHONE HOME. Cannot count the USA (my home country).

We are more than half way through 2016 and I’ve checked off 8 counties and have travel arrangements planned for another 3 countries! I am on track to complete “24 Countries In 24 Months” and I’m pretty excited about it!

image   image image   image  image   imageimage   fiji

  1. No, Im not! LOL I simply save! LOL

  2. Nicol

    Love it!!!!

  3. Jakki

    I Love it!!Living a life of no regrets!!!

    1. They say you only have one life to live!!

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