12 Things To Know Before You Go – Tokyo, Japan

I had the time of my life in Japan, when I say I loved Tokyo, I mean if I could move here next I would. The culture, the food and these are the nicest people on earth! Here are a few tips you should know.
1. Japanese people take their time and eat their food. They don’t eat and walk with their food or
drink and walk. When you purchase something on the street you are expected to sit or stand
nearby and finish your food before continuing on with your journey. If you notice, there are no
trash cans around the city, this is why, this is also probably why the city is so clean as well.
2. When looking for a place to eat……if the lanterns outside are lit up they are open. If they are not lit,
they are closed.
3. When you eat out in at a Japanese restaurant or bar many times there is a “table charge.”
You pay a fee anywhere from 400-2000 Yen, in return they give you a small dish to eat. Don’t be
surprised when you see it on your bill.
4. It’s customary to eat all of the food that is served to you in Japan, they don’t waste food. Like
your momma use to tell you, “Clean your plate!” Don’t worry, the food is so good you will clean your plate.
5. When drinking never pour to yourself, always have another person pour your drink for you.
You might want leave your glass full if you are drinking alcohol, otherwise someone will
always pouring into your empty glass and you might get a little wasted!!
6. There is no tipping in Japan, it’s considered to be an insult.
Getting Around the City
7. I’ve always said this……. people should walk the way they drive. For example, in the U.S. we
drive on the right……sooooooo you should walk on the right. In Japan, they drive on the left, so
they walk on the lefthand side. Makes sense right??? Here’s the catch….in the UK they drive on
the left and walk on the right……so I guess that’s why everyone is confused.
8. While riding the subway there is no talking on your cell phone or loud music. You’re
expected to use earphones at a respectable volume.
9. When entering subway cars allow others to exit the train before you enter.
10. Music sounds to let people one the subway know the doors are about to close! So you better be on the
train before the music stops!
11. When riding the escalator, if you choose to stand and ride you must stay to the left. Those
who wish to walk on the escalator will pass those standing on the right.
Side note – I use to live in the DC Metro area. This was done in the metro escalators
there…. riders stand to the right, walkers pass on the left…..loved it!! BUT there was
always someone wanting to block the entire escalator when you are you a rush…….not
in Japan though!!
Everything Else
12. You can get arrested for smoking outside. If your outside look for the designated smoking
areas or look for a place inside to smoke. In Japan, it’s still very common to smoke inside, in fact, a lot of restaurants still have indoor smoking.
Many buildings and departments stores also have designated smoking areas as well.
And a bonus because I LOVE YALL!
They use 120 electric plugs like in the U.S. No converters needed!!!

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